Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday

Next week, friends and family will gather together for the first of a series of celebrations. We ask ourselves “what am I thankful for?” Many responses come to mind; family, faith and enough income to support ones family. As we get older, we are thankful for different things. When I was in my twenties, I was thankful that I had a car with a full tank of gas! As we mature, we stop wishing for things and we start wishing for experiences. Life is appreciated for the journey and as we age, we realize that the journey doesn’t end. Be thankful for what you have, where you’ve been and where you’re headed. The best is yet to come.

As we kick off the hectic holiday season, also remember to help your neighbors by shopping locally. Small business Saturday is November 28th; a day when we remember that our small business entrepreneurs are the backbone of a community’s economic infrastructure. Take a moment and “shop small” this holiday season. You are helping your neighbors and our community grow.

Happy Thanksgiving from the staff and Board of Directors of the Colleyville Area Chamber of Commerce.

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